Our main task is to measure and evaluate media communications!

We do this by selecting and analysing publications from ALL KINDS OF MEDIA, both traditional and new, including social networks.

We also conduct public opinion polls, by telephone, on the field and online, which give us an insight into how target groups consume the media, which content they prefer, what they notice and what they remember, how loyal they are to specific brands and companies, and much more.

Without measuring the effects of communication, it is impossible to manage communication and its outcomes!

Communication control model

It shows what we do, what and how we measure in each stage of the communication process

Evaluation must be done in all stages of the communication process so we could immediately see what we are doing wrong and what gets us the best results. The measurement matrix must therefore be applied to all stages of the communication process.

Metricom – a tool for monitoring and analysing communication on social networks.

Metricom tracks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, forums, portals and article comments in countries in the region (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, BH, Macedonia, Montenegro), and Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is optimised to search for content in local languages, providing quality and relevant results.

MediaNet is a member of the Newton Media Group, one of the strongest media monitoring forces in Europe. For more than 20 years, Newton Media has been recognized as one of Europe's most progressive and trusted partners in the media industry.