• What people think about your company?
  • How did recent event reflect on the company reputation?
  • Is your marketing campaign visible enough?
  • Who is actually buying your products?
  • Is there a need on the market for products you are going to launch?
  • How do people perceive packaging of your products?
  • Which media does your target group consume?

We shall give you answers to most of the similar questions by researching the public’s opinion and help you improve your business.

We perform all kinds of desk and filed researches, quantitative and qualitative by implementing highest standards in research methodology Sampling is done respecting the objectives and specific client’s needs. Representative sample of the adult population of Croatia, sample of specialists, occasional sample, special social groups sample. Our experience is based on more than 50 field research projects designed to meet the needs of customers coming form economy, banking and finance, media, publishing, food and beverage industry, culture and education, cars and vehicle industry, traffic and public transportation, textile and fashion industry, oil and chemicals

What everybody knows is frequently wrong
Peter Ferdinand Drucker

  • media releases analyzed

  • adverts

  • analyses reports

  • years of experience