Would you like to get to know your general or particular market better and understand strategic movements your competition might make? Through Intelligence Puzzle we compile all elements of our products and services (Media content analyses, market research, adverts monitoring…) creating a unique tool to support strategic decisions, by presenting total review of the situation on observed market.We monitor tactical moves of the competitors in specific field to enhance better understanding of their present and predicting their future behavior.

In the world where possessing an information can make a difference, and understanding it can mean success, it is a real art to obtain all necessary knowledge form reachable data, not forgetting to consult even a last possible information source. Intelligence Puzzle summons all relevant data form media features and articles in one industry (observed company and its competitors) relevant economic figures and other legally reachable information, all with an objective to get a clear and precise insight of a total market situation.

We gather all important information about your market and trends We track business strategies and tactics of your competitors We analyze great quantity of data and information We create synergy by transforming all gathered information into knowledge

What's measured improves
Peter Ferdinand Drucker

  • media releases analyzed

  • adverts

  • analyses reports

  • years of experience