Complex analyses in addition to quantitative bring qualitative variables like prominence and favorability of the subjects in media features, enabling us to decide on media communication effects and outcomes. Complex analyses give you more detailed and precise view on your media performance helping you to plan and improve your future media communication.

Should you like to analyze your own media performance, your competition or particular media event, it is your choice. Together with our expert tem of analysts you can choose analytical elements to make the final product that will meet your specific needs. Complex media analyses are delivered in form of power point presentation, excel or word report with corresponding charts and tables and senior analyst comments.

ID Date Media Newspaper Headline Author Surface AVE Subject Status Tonality
123456 dd-mm-yyyy Print Nacional New store opening Pero Perić 934,34 27817,17 Subject 1 Primary Positive
123457 dd-mm-yyyy Print Jutarnji list New reduction of prices Mario Marić 55,24 15317,56 Subject 2 Secondary Negative
123456 dd-mm-yyyy Print Večernji list Satisfied customers Ivana Ivić 63,19 2424,16 Subject 3 Only mentioned Neutral

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