Ever since its’ beginning Media net implemented highest standards of methodology, constantly upgrading it in accordance with recent knowledge in the field of communication and technology.

Methodology that has been recently additionally applied in Media net is based on 3K of the media features (complete quantification and media consummation) comprising quantification of all relevant parameters of the article including presentational, formal and content elements together with media impressions and OTS for each media involved.

Our registered mark 3K methodology is based on:

  • Scientific Theory – we have studied recent achievements on standards in media communication evaluation
  • Our experience – 15 years we are in media communication evaluation business, as the first agency in the region
  • Market research – we research media consummation 3-4 times a year
  • Specific research – investigating how media form and performance impacts perception of media content

Described methodology enables us to get a deeper knowledge on presence of each subject in media features, importance that media apply on the subject, and finally better judgment of the media picture that has been communicated to the public. Clients get better insight on relations and importance of each media for their visibility and creation of the positive media picture in public.

  • media releases analyzed

  • adverts

  • analyses reports

  • years of experience